Gangs call a truce in honor of the death of Nipsey Hussle. Love and Atonement will put an end to the killing in LA. We discuss, is it a lack of Love or lack of Resources that grips the black community

15 minutes

  Isn’t it unfortunate that somebody has to die and order for people to make a step towards change but it seems like it always ends up that way. The death of Nipsey Hussle has brought gangs in Los Angeles together in a truce that hasn’t happened in 27 years where they are putting their differences aside to become unified over the spilled blood of their brother who was trying to bring them together and stop the killing.  This is what I called the power of love of a human being that touched you so much that for at least this moment in time the guns can be put away and the act of unification can begin. That’s why in this episode I am trying to explain that atonement is the only way out for us as a people to heal the fractured relationships that have gone on for years that it is only love  that will stop the killing and not the lack of resources. The black man and woman like the scripture talks about that balm in Gilead must heal and make the wounds of our disunity whole.  But of course we did not agree on this solution so listen for yourself and judge for yourself and please make a comment and let us know what you it  A lack of love or lack of resources that makes killing each other so easy?

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Start listening to Will Smith Apologized to Chris Rock...Now it's Chris Rocks turn to Apologize
Start listening to Will Smith Apologized to Chris Rock...Now it's Chris Rocks turn to Apologize