Maintaining Sobriety During the Covid-19 with Kenneth T

21 minutes

Kenneth is a recovering addict of 31 years. He is an active leader in the fight against alcoholism and substance abuse. After being sober and clean for over three decades Kenneth has grown accustomed to the lifestyle of living with a purpose to educate and equip people that want to achieve sobriety. Kenneth turned his life around and retired after 31 years from the Automobile Industry and now he works at his leisure as a Chartered bus driver throughout the US and Canada. Kenneth is most proud of his role as sponsor/mentor to those struggling to stay sober. Kenneth wants to share tips, straight talk and resource for the listeners that may help them battle alcoholism during this Pandemic. 

* Discuss the tools that are used to help achieve sobriety

* For those that may not know, explain what the 12 Step program is

* What do you tell a person that says “I want to get sober”

* What can you say to family members of a person trying to achieve sobriety

* Where can you point our listeners to for help

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