Meet The Black Man Minting The Next Class of BLACK MILLIONAIRES! David Anderson Global Financial Strategist

60 minutes

David comes from the rough streets of south-side Chicago, where he lost 18 friends to violence before he turned 18 years old. Born into a family with no formal education and raised by a mother with Schizophrenia — the likelihood of him making it out was slim to none.But David learned the rules of the wealth game from billionaires, and today is part of the rare 1% of Black entrepreneurs with a networth that rivals trust funds.One Million Black Men puts you in direct connection to David and the most successful people in his global network for a night full of strategy, mentorship and 7-figure moves.
Who Is One Million Black Men For? For any Black man who is serious about building generational wealth. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 85, whether you live in the United States or overseas – this event is designed to give you access to conversations, strategies, and tables not typically made for us. 
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