Tuesday March 12, 2019 Do Black people enjoy destoying each other in the court of public opinion? I think R Kelly exposes this reality

19 minutes

 In today’s episode of the 20 Minute Morning Show could it be that Shawn has exposed BJ’s hypocrisy in the R. Kelly drama… And what is this R. Kelly case doing to black America? Are we nailing our black men to the cross in the court of public opinion but failing to hold white celebrities to the same standards? Are we all hypocrites… are black people afraid of criticizing the Jewish power structure in entertainment? I am feeling some kind of way about Oprah and Gayle and the Role they are playing in demonizing black men, but not Harvey Weinstein who is their personal friend but is one of the worst offenders against women in the history of Hollywood.. the question has to be, why are they not nailing him to the cross like they are doing with Michael Jackson and R. Kelly.

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