Wednesday March 13 2019 Wealthy White parents have been bribing prestigious colleges to admit their children. Wendy Williams called her audience the N-word and Stacey Abrams is running for president?

18 minutes

By now I know you have heard about the educational cheating scandal where wealthy parents were paying alot of money to give their children an unfair advantage for admissions into prestigious colleges. Wealthy parents have been bribing officials to get into Ivy League schools since the inception of these prestigious colleges and universities. So does hard work really have anything to do with it if you can pay your way in. This is the power of white privilege in America where people have been paying for degrees paying for people to write their dissertation papers paying for people to take admissions test… And now maybe black people will wake up to the game that has been played on them for centuries.. Also in this episode Wendy Williams called her studio audience the N-word and Stacey Abrams from Georgia is thinking about putting her name on the list of people running for president in 2020.


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