Who is Tigress Sydney Acute McDaniel and why is she running for Mayor of Charlotte

53 minutes

She filed to run for Mayor of Charlotte on February 24, 2022. She is running on a platform to inspire and implement transformative legislative reform and participatory leadership. The thrusts for her campaign further demonstrate her commitment through her platform: “See WE E.VO.L.V.E.,” with “evolve” being acronymous for E.very V.ictory for O.ne L.ends V.ictory to E.veryone and #WeMayorTogether. Tigress was born in Greensboro in 1976. She attended the highly impactful James B. Dudley High School, graduated in 1994, and began her secondary academia at UNC Chapel Hill. She holds a BS in Agricultural Education and Environmental Science with a specialization in Swine Husbandry and Wetland Bioremediation, a MS in Agricultural Economics and Rural Development focusing on the same undergraduate specialization, and is currently a PhD Candidate in Energy and Environmental Systems and Economics and completing her final year in law school to earn her Juris Doctor. Throughout her academic and professional career and life, she has served local and national communities through male and female youth mentorship, women’s empowerment and homelessness intervention and prevention programs, inmate advocacy and reentry assistance and many other philanthropic endeavors. She has remained so steadfast and loyal in her commitment to local and national communities and implemented effective measures to address these issues and many others that the communities she’s served nicknamed her “Queen Get ‘Er Done.” Tigress is a doctoral Environmental Scientist and Economist, and soon-to-be licensed attorney. Considering all of the pressing issues that Charlotte is facing like Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change, air and water quality, affordable housing, fit premises and mold legislation, Macro and Microeconomics of Small Business Viability and economic expansion without compromising the greater good of Charlotteans, community oneness and race relations, the behavioral psychology of police brutality, crime prevention and intervention, amongst other issues, Tigress’ interdisciplinary expertise best positions her to serve Charlotte at large. Tigress checks all the boxes.™


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Start listening to Will Smith Apologized to Chris Rock...Now it's Chris Rocks turn to Apologize
Start listening to Will Smith Apologized to Chris Rock...Now it's Chris Rocks turn to Apologize